01/03/19 | [FOTOS NUEVAS] Amigos, familiares y conocidos saludan a Justin Bieber por su cumpleaños

"Since it’s March 1st on the east coast and Thursday here on the west coast let’s #tbtfor ya birthday! Always my guy and I always got ya back. Love you man! Happy Birthday
#25 #happybirthdayjustinbieber #throwbacktotheteenyears" - Kenny Hamilton via ig

"Happy 25th birthday to my incredible nephew! We love you and miss you! ❤️ #happybirthdayjustin" - tammy_bieber via Instagram

"Happy Birthday
! This is soundcheck from the 1st of 1000+ performances." - dankanter via instagram

"Our first pic and now you are 25. My day 1. You know exactly what it is and how I feel. I love you. Happy birthday you grown ass man. Proud of you." - Scooter Braun via Instagram

"Happy birthday
" - mishpachah83 via Instagram

"It’s midnight. A quarter century. 10 years deep. Happy Birthday
. Love you." - alfredoflores via Instagram

“Happy Birthday to my lil bro
🎈Celebrate Life”- djsnake via instagram

“Happy Birthday
- I hope your day is wonderful! Miss you. #HappyBirthday #myfavouritephotofromtour”- aubreestorm via instagram

"Happy Birthday son!
🎁" - Jeremy Bieber via Instagram

"Happy birthday
it’s a honor to know your heart!
Love!" - Nick Demoura via Instagram

Wow, can't believe he was 15 here! Happy 25th

Happy Birthday old friend 💜

"Hey #happybirthday
See you in Paris bro 😃😘#remember #souvenir #cauet #radio
" - cauetofficiel via Instagram

"From doing shows for 30 people at a water park to sold out stadiums! 10 years has passed by so quickly! Happy Birthday #JB25" - djtayjames via Instagram

"Nothing I can say besides.... I sure love you... Happy Birthday
🖤" - karlawelchstylist via Instagram

"Happy bday to the ICON
my brother BLESS UP !" - djkhaled via instagram

"Happy Birthday King Bieber 🎉 " - Jonas Brothers via Instagram

“A big Happy Birthday to my brother
you have achieved so much still at such a young age. Excited to see what’s next for you man and I wish you nothing but blessings and positivity. God bless you bro. Enjoy your day 🙏🏾”- lewishamilton via instagram

"Happy birthday, dearest Justin! Thankful for having your energy and light in my life, and wishing you all the best on this day and in the years to come. Sending you loads of love 💙🎉" - Monaberntsen via Instagram

"25 sure looks good on u lover.. 🖤" - hailey bieber via Instagram

🎉!!! Someone told me “Why would you want a pic w/ him, he’s gonna be nothing.” Yeah uhhhhh...here’s me and Bieber playing the slap hands game 10 years ago. In ya face, old lady. -
#TheScene" - 1033ampradio via Instagram

"Happy Birthday to the one and only
. #goodoledays #whenwewereyoung 😎" - michaelwalexander via Instagram

"Happy birthday to the homie
🎂🎈As you can see we go wayyyy back 😂" - inmaxwellshouse via Instagram

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